(25.04.2024) There is nothing more important than safety of each party involved in WRC round, including competitors, marshals and spectators. That’s why we mentioned safety rules numerous times in our communication. However, it is always worth to remind about safety before high-speed rally action unfolds around City of Mikolajki.

The organizers of ORLEN 80th Rally Poland hope that all spectators will have a great memories of Polish WRC counter. This, however, depends not only on the performance of rally crews, but on the fans themselves.

Before any rally it is good to remember a few simple rules. Obeying them helps you experience this exceptional event in convenient and safe way.

  • Plan your schedule wisely. Set of for the special stages with necessary time margin, to reach chosen spectator zone no later than 30 minutes before stage kicks-off. Please remember! Reaching your sweet spot might be impossible if you are running late.
  • Closer does not mean better. We will put you as close to action as possible, but not closer. Please do not cross the safety tapes. Adequate distance from the road is crucial in gravel events like ORLEN 80th Rally Poland. Rally cars are likely to throw out loose gravel and even some stones.
  • Do not risk cancellation of the special stage! This may happen if there is a risk that special stage cannot be run in a safe manner. Please do not stand in dangerous spots or areas.
  • Be prepared. Take waterproof clothes and sun hat. Stay hydrated and use insect repellents.
  • Always pick a position for watching above or at road level, never below road level! There is better, wider view if you are above the special stage. When watching from the hills or slopes beware of slippery or uneven surface.

Remember! Contact the marshals if you need any information or help. If you have any doubts regarding the safety of chosen spot, move to a different, safer place.

Thank you for your understanding and building safety culture with us. Feel the gravel, enjoy the action!