(26/03/2024) Over 300 kilometers on nineteen special stages are waiting for the competitors during the ORLEN 80th Rally Poland. As many as 70 fan zones will be located along the spectacular gravel tests of the seventh round of the FIA World Rally Championship. The Polish classic, which is marked this year by its record-breaking eightieth edition, will be held on June 27-30. The rally will be based in the picturesque town Mikołajki for the nineteenth time in a row.

The inauguration of rally festival will start on Thursday morning, when the crews will appear on the Lubiewo shakedown test. Traditionally, the ceremonial start will take place on the charming main square in Mikołajki (Freedom Square) with the King of Vendace fountain in the background.  Autograph session, which is very popular with the fans is to be held just before the ceremony.

The fight against time will begin during the first super-special stage on the Mikołajki Arena track, where the crews will appear four times during the entire rally. The last time on Sunday, when the track will be the final part of the Wolf Power Stage. Right next to it the finish line of the rally and the place of the ceremonial finale is to be held.

The names of special stages such as Stańczyki, Wieliczki, Olecko or Gołdap are well known to rally fans, but in most cases their route has been modified even by several dozen percent.

There are 70 fan zones with parking lots and sanitary facilities along the stages, most of them with catering kiosks and screens broadcasting live action. Access to the entire rally route is ticketed, and passes and parking stickers are already on sale.

Mikołajki Arena track with stands for 5,000 spectators and new standing zones, as well as the nearby Rally Fan Park, the Finish Area and the Service Park will be the heart of the event. This is also where, from Thursday to Sunday Meet the Crew Q&A sessions with the top drivers will take place.

Helicopter flights and on Saturday, after the end of SS-12 a co-drive on Mikołajki Arena track are also in the schedule. The evening finale of Friday and Saturday’s highlights is the Rally Party for fans. The time program of the rally is as follows:

Thursday, 27 June 2024
Shakedown Lubiewo 10:00
Ceremonial start – Mikołajki Main Square 17:00
SSS 1 Mikołajki Arena 1 19:05

Friday, 28 June 2024
SS 2 Stańczyki 1 08:45
SS 3 Wieliczki 1 10:20
SS 4 Olecko 1 11:10
SS 5 Stańczyki 2 14:05
SS 6 Wieliczki 2 15:40
SS 7 Olecko 2 16:30
SSS 8 Mikołajki Arena 2 19:00
Service Mikołajki 19:30
Rally Party Mikołajki Arena 20:00

Saturday, 29 June 2024
SS 9 Świętajno 1 08:30
SS 10 Gołdap 1 09:45
SS 11 Czarne 1 10:35
SSS 12 Mikołajki Arena 3 13:25
Service Mikołajki 14:00
SS 13 Świętajno 2 16:00
SS 14 Gołdap 2 17:15
SS 15 Czarne 2 18:05
Rally Party Mikołajki Arena 19:00
Service Mikołajki 20:55

Sunday, 30 June 2024
SS 16 Gmina Mrągowo 1 09:00
SS 17 Mikołajki 1 10:05
Regrouping Mikołajki Arena 10:30
SS 18 Gmina Mrągowo 2 12:20
SS 19 Mikołajki 2 (Wolf Power Stage) 14:15
Rally finish – Mikołajki Arena 14:35

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