As a round of the FIA World Rally Championship, ORLEN 80th Rally Poland follows the Accreditation Guidelines set out by the FIA and WRC Promoter.

Please read carefully the rules below to ensure all the requested information is included in the application and it is forwarded to the correct organization i.e. FIA, WRC Promoter or ORLEN 80th Rally Poland Accreditation Office.

The accreditation is only provided to media representatives who intend to report on ORLEN 80th Rally Poland and they are widely available to the public. Media accreditation is restricted to professional journalists, photographers, radio and TV reporters and cameramen.

The Media Pass is considered a working tool and it cannot be used for public relations, promotions or entertainment purposes. No advertising, public relation agency or similar company or organization will be accredited as media. Nor will the Rally issue any media accreditation to representatives (press officers or otherwise) of sponsors, suppliers, teams, drivers etc.

The accreditation opening date is April 27, 2024 and it will be completed on June 6, 2024 (national media) and June 12, 2024 (international media).

Applications which are late, incomplete or illegible will not be processed.

International media

International media (news and photo agencies, print and website media) as well as national news agencies in the country where the event takes place (PAP in Poland) must apply through the FIA AMS platform:

National print media, radio and websites

Representatives and photographers of national print media, radio and websites apply for accreditation online (excluding filming) using the following link:

ACCREDITATION FORM: ORLEN 80th Rally Poland – Eventhos (Polish media only) completed on June 6, 2024.

No more than two representatives of any media outlet will be accredited. A maximum of one representative journalist per website per event may be accredited (excluding photographer’s credentials).

Internet accreditation is intended for professional stand-alone internet editorial/news coverage only. It is not to be used for any other purpose, including but not limited to public relations, promotional, commercial or entertainment use.

The FIA limits the number of waistcoats (tabards) for national photographers to 12. Priority will be given to national publications and agencies based on circulation and coverage of previous editions of Rally Poland.

Freelance photographers and journalists may be accredited if giving the evidence of relevant articles and photographs published. Examples of articles and photographs can be sent as scanned files by email to

Until 12 of June 2024 Accreditation Office of the rally will send the confirmation to the national journalists, whose applications have been accepted.

Television, filming & international radio

International and national TV and international radio stations wishing to cover the Rally must apply via e-mail to  

This also applies to all media wanting to record any footage of the rally.

Those accredited as television, or with authorization to film, must be aware that no action footage recording is allowed. Television and other media accredited to film will only be allowed to record images in the Service Park. Broadcast media that is interested to license footage from the event please contact

Drone (UAV) Using unauthorized drones (unmanned aerial vehicle) at the area of the rally (special stages, service park, rally fan park, start and finish area) is forbidden by law.