Environmental policy of Rally Poland 2024

The Organizer of Rally Poland, in accordance with the FIA’s decision to grant this event the status of a World Championship in 2024, has consciously declared their commitment to conducting a responsible social and environmental policy. This will be achieved by undertaking all actions that minimize the impact of the event on the environment and participating in the Environmental Accreditation Program (FIA). At the same time, the Organizer has committed to continuous development and implementation of further ecological and pro-social solutions, the aim of which is to achieve two stars in 2024, maintain this level and then reach the level of three stars in subsequent years.

Carrying out actions aimed at achieving the environmental goal requires not only the engagement of the Rally Organizer’s members, but also the inclusion and encouragement of ecological solutions among event partners, such as: service providers, media, local governments, and promoting appropriate attitudes and increasing awareness among competitors, staff, or fans.

We care about positively influencing the local community and the sustainable development of the region through the dissemination of environmentally friendly solutions and technologies.

Together we can achieve more.