(21/04/2023) The battle to win ORLEN 79th Rally Poland promises to be exceptionally attractive. From the plans of many ace drivers, it is not difficult to conclude that we are facing an exciting fight for the final triumph on the fast, Masurian gravel roads during the Polish round of the FIA European Rally Championship. There will also be interesting places to cheer on the competitors and watch rally cars speeding, often with spectacular slides, and sometimes even “flying” on jumps.

Rally fans will have a lot to choose from, as Top Racing, the commercial partner of this year’s edition of the event, has prepared as many as 25 fan zones at the special stages. The zones have been located in places selected for their spectacularity, safety and accessibility. In some of them, catering stands will be available as well as free campsites for rally enthusiasts. All zones will be equipped with portable toilets.

The rally starts on Friday (May 19) with the Mikołajki Arena superspecial, well-known to all motorsport fans. From the fan zone planned on the track, the competition along almost the entire route is visible. Right next to it, there is also the town of “Food Truck”, the “Kids Zone” for children and a landing pad for helicopters for sightseeing flights. Thanks to the helicopter flights, someone will be able to admire the fight on four special stages from the air: Mikołajki Arena on Friday and Saturday and Mikołajki twice on Sunday. Tickets for sightseeing flights can be already purchased at topgift.pl, and during the rally they will be available at the Fan Information Points and at the Mikołajki Arena landing field.

On Saturday (May 20) a visit to one of the three large fan zones near the town of Nowy Młyn (SS Wieliczki) is recommended. A lot of emotions will surely be provided by cheering in the zones: Krupin (SS Markowskie) and Gryzy (SS Świętajno).

On Sunday (May 20), a trip to new stages Barczewo (Kołaki Zone) and Biskupiec with fan zone Zameczek close to the finish of the test is recommended. The Nowe Sady Arena zone (SS Mikołajki), a sequence of several popular among the fans corners, located near the village of Nowe Sady does not require recommendation.

Holders of any ORLEN 79th Rally Poland fan passes can use for free the Rally Camps – a network of free areas to unfold tents or park a camper. These places are located next to selected fan zones.

Maps of special stages with marked spectators’ zones (including aerial photos and videos of all fan zones), as well as practical information for rally fans have been published at the official website of ORLEN 79th Rally Poland in the spectators’ section.