(25.06.2024) Rallying is a spectacular and thrilling sport. However, it can be dangerous at times. That’s why it is crucial to obey the safety rules, when watching the best rally crews in action on fast, gravel stages of ORLEN 80th Rally Poland in Masurian Lake District.

Before you hit the road to reach Mikolajki, please read this text, which provides you information how to enjoy the Polish WRC counter in a safe and responsible manner. Please remember that by following our advice you significantly help organisers to run this event smoothly.

– Set of for the special stages with necessary time margin, to reach chosen spectator zone no later than 30 minutes before stage kicks-off. Reaching your sweet spot might be impossible if you are running late.

– Do not enter the rally route. Do not cross the special stage.

– Don’t come too close to the road. Please do not cross the safety tapes. Adequate distance from the road is crucial in gravel events like ORLEN 80th Rally Poland. Rally cars are likely to throw loose gravel and even some stones.

– Please follow the instructions of marshals, delegates and policemen. If there is a risk that special stage cannot be run in a safe manner it might be delayed or even cancelled.

– Please do not stand in dangerous spots or areas (i.e. outside of the corner, at the end of a long straight or after the jump). – Always pick a position for watching above or at road level, never below road level! There is better, wider view if you are above the special stage. When watching from the hills or slopes beware of slippery or uneven surface.

– You take kids or a dog with you? Never leave them unattended close to the rally route.

– Do not throw any objects on the road.

– Do not use the drone during ORLEN 80th Rally Poland. The airspace will be closed.

– Think about others – do not block the emergency roads and exits. Mind how you park the car in order not to cause trouble to anybody.

Respect the nature and farmlands

The Land of the Great Masurian Lakes is not only the area of spectacular special stages loved by competitors and rally fans, but above all a transnational asset and the place where people live and work. That is why it is so important to enjoy the ORLEN 80th Rally Poland in a responsible way and, therefore, with the greatest respect for the environment and farmlands.

  • Do not litter and obey waste segregation rules. React when someone does not respect the nature.
  • Do not walk or drive on farmlands as they are many peoples’ livelihood.

Thanks to this, next editions of the rally will be welcomed by local communities too.

Wait for the green light – Rally1 cars safety

Rally1 cars, top-tier machinery in WRC, are equipped with hybrid powertrain with high voltage unit and traction battery. To ensure safe operations, these vehicles have been equipped with warning lights placed on both sides and in the front of the car. Green light means that electric unit is working fine, and car is safe for spectators. Meanwhile red light warns that it is not safe to touch the car, due to risk of electric shock.

Sometimes cars go out of the road during the special stage. Not always crew is able to get out of the ditch or grass by themselves. This is the situation when enthusiastic spectators get into action, pushing the car back on the road. However, before you rush to help Rally1 car crew, please check there is green light behind one of the windows.

Safety is our common cause

Please remember, the more of us care about safety, the better it is. Please do not be passive if you noticed a danger or hazardous behaviour, but please inform the marshals or rally office. That’s way you contribute to safe and smooth running of the event.