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Qualifying stage rules revamped for 2022

(15.05.2022) Even though qualifying stage results do not count towards final classification of FIA ERC rounds, they might be crucial for event’s results. That’s why crews put a lot of effort to clock best possible time during qualifying. The winner of qualifying stage earns a right to choose his starting order first. Road position is crucial in loose-surface events as ORLEN 78th Rally Poland.

Qualifying stage has been introduced in FIA ERC in 2013 season. 15 fastest drivers of this test take part in start order selection, usually just before ceremonial start. The better result scored in qualifying, the wider choice driver earns. This is a fair and sporting-based way to shape the starting list for the first leg of FIA ERC round.

Road position is a key part of rallying tactics, especially in loose surface events. Gravel roads are covered with loose dirt, sand, and little stones, which significantly reduce grip for the road-openers. A few first cars clean the road, improving the conditions and grip before following crews put their cars through its paces. While frontrunners struggle with grip, next crews can drive faster, thanks to better grip and clean line. Meanwhile in tarmac rallies, drivers prefer to run first, especially if rain is predicted.

Qualifying stage rules has been slightly revamped for FIA ERC 2022 season. Now only crews in Rally2/R5 machinery are eligible to show their speed during qualifying. Moreover, FIA and ERC1 priority drivers must take part in qualifying stage.

The fastest driver will choose his position first, then the second, followed by the third etc. All other competitors who have run the Qualifying stage will be seeded in the start list according to their classification.

At the end of leg one, the top 15 (rather than the top 10) are reseeded for leg two (in reverse order).

The qualifying stage during ORLEN 78th Rally Poland will be held using a part of Baranowo stage (3,46 km), known from previous editions of the event.







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