Compact and spectator-friendly route of Rally Poland

As many as 15 special stages with total length of over 200 kilometres will be held during PZM 76th Rally Poland (28-30 June 2019). In 2019 Mikolajki based event is a round of four championship series: FIA European Rally Championship, Polish Rally Championship, Lithuanian Rally Championship and Polish Rally Championship in Historic Rallies. This year, however, liaison sections has been significantly shortened, what means that the event is much more compact and convenient both for the crews and for the spectators. With total length of the route of 654 kilometres, 2019 edition of Rally Poland will be one of the shortest in the event history. The organisers took competitors and spectators voice into consideration, as well as standards of modern rallying and financial circumstances.

Krzysztof Maciejewski, Clerk of the Course said: I spoke to many competitors after previous edition of our event. They praised the special stages but complained about the long road sections. After Rally Poland made it’s come back to ERC and RSMP calendar, we knew that the route has to be changed, comparing to years when we held a WRC counter. This year we have finally finished this process. The route is compact and runs closer to event HQ in Mikolajki. Nevertheless, we still use spectacular stages, which were popular among fans in recent years. The most significant changes have been introduced in the itinerary of final leg. On Sunday, nearly half of the kilometres will be covered on special stages. These changes are good news for the spectators, because now it should be much easier to follow the high-speed action on Masurian gravel roads. We have slightly changed last year novelty – Mikolajki Max stage, which comprises both fast, open road sections and this time starts on Mikolajki Arena track. Mentioned changes, new date in summer and four championship series – all in all, I am pretty sure that 76th PZM Rally Poland will be a very interesting event for every motorsport enthusiast.

The opening ceremony in Mikolajki main square is scheduled on Friday, 28th of June, 16:00 CET. Earlier, on Friday morning rally crews will tackle shakedown and qualifying stage (8:00 and 10:30 respectively). The battle for victory kicks off on 18:00 CET with Mikolajki Arena special stage, where crews compete simultaneously in pairs.

On Saturday there will be as many as 8 special stages and 115 competitive kilometres to cover. Every test – Paprotki, Stare Juchy, Olecko and spectacular Mikołajki Arena – will run twice. Meanwhile on Sunday, 30th of June, six special stages are scheduled, with total distance of 88 kilometres. Again, all of the stages (Gmina Mragowo, Uzranki and Mikolajki Max) will be run twice. It is worth to mention that Mikolajki Max goes in opposite direction with start on Mikolajki Arena track.

Finish ceremony will be held on Sunday, in the picturesque city centre of Mikolajki. The first crew is expected to arrive at 15:30 CET, which is three hours earlier that in 2018 edition.

The shortest Rally Poland in history took place in 1921, when the 576-kilometre route run from Warsaw to Bialowieza. Next editions were far longer with record-breaking 4500 kilometres back in 1939.

In 1998 (Krakow), 2007, 2012 and 2013 (Mikolajki) the length of Rally Poland route varied from 612 up to 699 kilometres. In 2018, after four consecutive years in WRC, the total amount of kilometres was 957, however this year it is shortened to 654.











PZM 76th Rally Poland - Newsfeed LEG 2

PZM 76th Rally Poland - Leg 2

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