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Joint action by ORLEN 74th Rally Poland and WRC Magazine

There are only a few football stadiums, where a 100,000 people can see the game. In rallies, however, there are much more spectators watching the action by the road, especially when it comes to rounds of the FIA World Rally Championship.

Fans are choosing different places to see the drivers. Every single person wants to see as much as possible from different angles. This gives rally organisers a big challenge to make sure that everyone is safe at the stage. The rally route of more than 300 km makes it even harder and fan zones are the best possible way to achieve this goal. During ORLEN 74th Rally Poland there will be more than 70 zones, which is almost double the number used last year.

Fan zones will be located in the most attractive places by the special stages. There is not a single secret place by the road, which could be missed by the organizers and looking for them is a waste of time. The safety plan includes all the trails, paths and places where you can get help if needed. Every fan will have a chance to use these roads to get to the fan zone. These trails also lead to the car parks, from where there is a short walk to the stage – more than 300 meters, but less than one kilometre.

Fan zones will be located in places where you can watch the drivers and rally cars at their best. For sure, that does not mean standing by the edge of the road, because that is clearly too dangerous. In the fan zone you will not miss any action. There will be a sound system with live radio coverage in every single zone.

Moreover, you will also have small gastronomy points, trash bins and toilets. Also, next to the stage, there will be two or three camping zones and helicopter landing points, where the most demanding fans can take a trip and see the cars from the air.

Every single special stage is covered by emergency and medical services. Organisers are doing everything to make sure that they will not be needed. By choosing fan zones, you are sure that you will get any help you need. Organisers take into consideration, not only a car that could go off the road, but also rocks being fired out from under the tyres. Being hit by that kind of “bullet” can be dangerous, especially when someone is hit in the face. Every year, medical services have to react to that kind of situations. It often is a very serious accident and can cause a stage suspension. Fan zones are located in the places where these situations are theoretically not going to happen.

Fan zones, car parks and camping zones are located on ground rented from its owners. We have to respect the fact that next to them are farmland, gardens and grass. Destroying them will not help anyone and causes extra problems for rally organisers. Inappropriate fan behaviour makes the people living in the rally area angry and organising the event in the same place can be impossible in the future.











ORLEN 74 Rally Poland / Rajd Polski

ORLEN 74 Rally Poland

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