A birds-eye view

On June 29th, during the first day of 74th ORLEN Rally Poland, new WRC cars will be seen in action for the first time. Changes in technical regulations mean that the latest WRC designs utilise advanced aerodynamics, as well as more engine power. The rides have become quicker and even more spectacular than before.

The organisers of the Polish classic are going to introduce several changes for spectators, mainly regarding their safety. However, this does not mean detrimental viewing conditions for the spectators. Seventy spectator zones, located in the most attractive locations around the special stages, will be available for spectators, so that they are able to experience the best drivers in the world.

Among many novelties, Top Racing (a commercial partner of the Rally) has prepared helicopter flights over the special stages. The landing areas will be located in close vicinity to selected spectator zones. On board the helicopter there is space for three people. The flights will take place during live special stages.

Tickets for the flights are being sold on the www.topracingshop.pl website, but numbers are limited. Detailed information regarding the tickets and spectator attractions during the 74th ORLEN Rally Poland is available on the rally's website in the spectator section and on www.topracingshop.pl. For more information call the spectator helpline (+48 733 100 702) or send an e-mail to: kibice@rajdpolski.pl.












ORLEN 74 Rally Poland / Rajd Polski

ORLEN 74 Rally Poland

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